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I have 21 and a few weeks ago, one Friday I went to my girlfriends house around 17:00, i at the door of the house was there, as if nobody in the house appeared, I entered the front room - no in the kitchen - to anyone. Finally humoron had to look down with the garden, I cried from the bottom of humoron the stairs, ' Hello', to where my mother shouyed girlfriends ' here. ' I went upstairs and looked into the room in search of their faith, to be washed or something else, but again no sign of her. Then suddenly he said : 'In the bathroom,' which I thought it was clean or something, the door was ajar. I opened the door to greet my mother and saw friends in the bathroom not to mention the soap suds covering his low vision. 'I'm so sad,' said hurredly closed the door to my left. I was so cos it looked as if he did there, but I was surprised and sat humoron in front of the TV. I had always found my friendsleast attractive to my girlfriend who is 21 and a thin face 34c of 46 her mother was very big, but had a fantastic pair of tits - 36DD an accurate cos there were many times I had a look furtive hang their bras to dry on the radiators. In any case, sitting waiting for the bottom front of the TV, I have my girlfriends mother down the stairs and thought ' here goes ', humoron which entered into the still wet hair salon and a robe, sat in the chair across from me and I have some moisturizer and began to rub on his legs, sat and stared at me humoron and started slowly higher and higher on his legs, was very hard at this time my button and realized too, sat down humoron and tried to cream, come to me, if all the dry suddenly opened and she was my girlfriend. His mother sat down and quickly closed her legs. My friend walked up and kissed me and started talking. In any case, my girlfriends father on a business trip so we were just three in the evening. We sat in front of the televisionabout 11 to 30 of the clock, when the back slipped a humoron cigarette, thoughts turned from his mother in my head was, I wanted her so much and therefore wanted the bones of her however, always seemed shy and reserved, I sat down thinkingmaybe had an affair and had a new life. Anyway, when I returned from the Fron tRoom my girlfriend was gone and humoron his mother said he was going to bed, so we were just two seats in a movie on ITV on 12 switch 15, a clock the screen came and her mother stood up to the boiler, however, she closed the door behind her, put two cups of coffee in the chair and pulled out a vibrator from her bag on her dress, almost screwed my load right there and I said, 'I know you know how to use it - you 've heard before Teo' - that 's my girlfriend and me. She came and left the robe in front of me, pulled me out of the chair. The fear I had before was completely gone, I took the vibrator from her and began to kiss huh, for someone who thought he was not interested in sex, which certainly could kiss. Then I have lying on the floor and began quietly playing with her pussy, she was very tight, but after a few blows jokes that went slowly. I began to slow in order not to spoil and then started getting harder and faster. After 10 minutes he complained very strong and I could see the cum dripping from her pussy mature. Knocked me down and started sucking his cock, I could not believe - it was like I'd died and gone to heaven. After 5 minutes i ' im going to cum ' he stopped and began to pull me away, saying, humoron I thought, ' There is no way that my mouth ' and then, as if I could no longer surprised, she I did away and swallowed the whole lot. He climbed over me and started riding me, her tits bouncing in front of me, gave me the feeling of humoron sperm to come right back up, it stopped and went his way, then not wanting - i spunk all in them. Not only was my mom gf boned, but was exposed to - he had always preached to humoron me and now it was against his morals. any case, she got out and got me in his hands and knees - her pussy wet right next to me literally a few inches from my face. I'm straight and only charged, when I cried, but now it was a pleasure. went to about 45 minutes, just damn hard and fast, and I loved it like me. Approximately Clock February 30 both broke on the floor with me to shoot my load times four. She got the dress and went to the kitchen and returned with two towels. At February 45, we both kissed again and went to bed with the promise that we would mention it again. Mail N me when I had the same experience, or if you want to get together have.
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